Tourist value properties

One the blooming areas in Asia is the properties with tourist value. What I mean by “tourist value” is investment property which feeds on the influx and increase of tourist.

As example Chinese tourist are increasing substantially with no sign of slowing. In fact in the last ten years Chinese visitors increase from 13000 in 2006 to over 320000 in 2016. That is significant when it comes to decide on a tourist related property investment.The question is where do they go and what do they do?

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One can think in the box getting an investment group together and invest in Hotels or resorts, yet that is truly traditional. Thinking out of the box is a little more difficult. So applying that to our ‘Chinese tourist” we have to think about them and their patterns. Of course they will stay somewhere, yet surprisingly eve the most wealthy Chinese do not spend their money on hotels. We are always surprised to find that most will stay at the cheapest hotels they can find that are reasonable.

This means they spend their money somewhere, so what it turns out to be is shopping as quality goods stores. This is due to the fact that many Chinese do not believe that which they buy in their own countries is of quality. So for example investing in an American or Japanese brand store may be a better choice for example.

Consider the variables

Another idea to consider is what do these and other tourist do for activity ? Well aside from the usual temples , a lot like the healthy out doors with the perceived clean environment as compared to China. So a good example may be a golf course for sale as its activity which is out doors with a lot of open space. Golf is increasing in Asia with Koreans, Chinese, Japanese as well as Indians. This is how you need to evaluate a tourist value investment. That means look at other cultural factors as well as the trends.

I think the thinking here is to consider not just its “tourist” property investment but the factors such as visitor trends , what they do and what they spend on is essential.